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Jasmine Judon is a highly trained professional who understand the needs of her customers. Working with over 12 different carriers, she knows the value of building relationships and giving the right advice to her clients to secure their present and their future.

Services Offered

Mortgage Protection

Many of us work incredibly hard to be afforded a place to called home. Ensuring that if you don’t come home tomorrow, your home is paid off for your family is critical to any homeowner. Let us show you how that can be achieved and in a way that fits your budget.

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Retirement Planning

We can make sure you know exactly where you will be in your golden years. Our products can give you confidence knowing what you will be retiring with and the security of knowing it will be passed down to future generations. Working with over 8 different carriers, we can provide you with the ability to grow your money faster, and safer with  the highest return of interest and the lowest risk.

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Final Expense

Protecting your family from the burden of worrying about money in a time they just lost someone close to them. Life insurance is designed to ensure your loved ones are provided for in the event of tragedy. This type of protection can go a long way to making sure your family’s financial needs and future livelihood are not sacrificed when they need it the most.

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Certified Estate Planning


Why Choose Us

Jasmine Judon is a State Licensed Insurance Agent with Advantage One Brokers. With over 13 years in the Healthcare Industry, Jasmine remains passionate about caring for individuals & families. She takes great pride in the products and services she offers, knowing that they have the power to secure the financial future of families for generations to come.


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